How Do I Order?

Order from within the gallery, or email requests to LucyPhoto22@gmail.com. Cash, check, Venmo, PayPal/credit card accepted. Orders will be mailed upon receipt of payment.


What about background distractions, air brushing, other person removed etc?

I remove basic distractions and do basic enhancements for portraits at no cost (i.e. manure on the ground for equine shots, fly away hair on people).  Other options are available that can really enhance your final picture at a nominal cost.  Please call for quotes.


What about Photos on the Internet & Making Copies?

​Share your favorite photos! If you've ordered digital copies, you can crop but do NOT re-edit them. I offer personal-use web-sized images with your paid order if you didn't get digital images. (For business use please contact me). 


But, I thought that if it's on the internet it's free to take

Nope! all images in this web site and associated galleries are protected by copyright laws.

-Do not copy, scan or download any of them including prints you receive.

-Images may not be used in any artistic rendering without express permission.



Copying, downloading, screen printing etc. copyrighted images is like taking something from a store without paying.

Remember, just because it's on the Internet does not mean it's free to take. Having the technology to copy doesn't give you the right to copy any more than just because you can physically walk out of the store with a loaf of bread it doesn't mean you can legally if you haven't paid for it. Photographers use time and their expertise to produce the images you see and they pay for expensive equipment to produce them.